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How to clean the dirt of tea bottle with strainer?

Drinking tea can make people relax, also can nourish the stomach and regulate the body, but the tea bottle with strainer used for a long time will have a lot of tea dirt, and generally not easy to clean. If the tea scale is not cleaned for a long time, bacteria will grow, and there are many kinds of heavy metals in the tea scale, which are harmful to health, so what are the skills to clean tea dirt?

Method 1: Put the tea bottle with strainer into the basin, add warm water and vinegar, soak for 10 minutes, and then clean the bottle with a brush. The effect of removing tea dirt is very good.

Method 2: After extruding the toothpaste, evenly apply it on the inner surface of the tea water bottle. Wipe the tea water bottle repeatedly with a bottle brush or a cloth, and then clean it with clean water. Because the tea filter often contacts with tea, the tea dirt is also obvious and thick. You can use a toothbrush to dip in toothpaste, and then gently brush the tea filter.

Method 3: Pour some water into the water bottle first, then smear the salt evenly on the place with tea stains by hand, wipe repeatedly, and finally rinse off with clean water.

Some tea bottles with strainer are long and deep, and our hands can’t touch the inside of the bottle. At this time, we can put the rice into the bottle, add an appropriate amount of water, cover the bottle, and shake the tea strainer bottle up and down for a few minutes to make the rice rub the dirt of the bottle to the maximum, so as to remove the dirt better.